La Tacha: Enseñando por Alegrías


The Story:

Huellas: Impressions Through Movement was born in 2011 while I spent the year in Sevilla, studying two very distinct yet related art forms: fine art print-making and flamenco dance. Print-making is the design and production of tangible, replicable two-dimensional images. Flamenco dance, or baile, is a culturally-specific expression of movement, music and rhythm that is stimulating yet fleeting. Despite their obvious differences, both artistic mediums make an impression, physically, visually and emotionally. Huellas documents flamenco baile using printmaking as a recording device. While flamenco baile is often recorded using audio and video technology, Huellas seeks to imprint each baile graphically and metaphorically, translating an artist s raw, ephemeral movement into abstracted shapes, textures, lines, and patterns.

The Process:

I record footwork impressions using a process called relief. I provide a matrix made of soft balsa wood on which participants dance a choreography, a signature step, a favorite llamada or remate, a footwork exercise, or anything else they wish to impart. The matrix is then printed, inking the positive space surrounding the impressions, while the un-inked negative space directs the viewer's eye through the dancer's movement. The print is then deconstructed, abstracted and rebuilt using additional techniques and materials reflecting the individual artist s style, personality and presence.